tech tools

well i think we should be able to keep in touch when we’re on the road. i bought a refurbished ibm t41 with 2 gb or ram and 40 gb hard drive, or so i thought! turns out i got the 2 gb ram but an amazing 100 gb hard drive. i had a minor problem as no operating system was included (was supposed to have window xp pro) but this was resolved with the help of my friends at work, (thank’s ritchie) who suggested i try a linux product called ubuntu which i’m still learning to use, but must say it is mostly problem free and appears to be very speedy, or could be all the ram. anyway i like it, it looks cool, very intuitive and best of all free!

i’ll have to try loading up pictures from the camera to make sure everything works before we go. I also got a new kenneth cole bag on ebay, to hall it along and to carry the camera when we’re about town.

only one item left to buy for communications, a french sim card that i can use throughout europe. the best one for my needs seems to be from telestial as i’m not a big user and can easily add dollars as i need. you can call us anywhere, we get the call for free…which means you must be paying the bill:)

well enough brand names. that’s it for this week.


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