so, the plan looks like this: (the before)

fly from vancouver to paris
stay in paris for a month . we’ve rented an apartment in montparnasse. we love paris and plan on just living, taking in the sights, museums, the parks, a little opera, sidewalk cafés etc.
we have several day trips planned:

  • provins
  • chartres
  • fontainebleau
  • versailles
  • mont saint michel
  • nimes and pont du gard
  • disneyland paris (maybe)

next stop train to munich, germany
we chose a medium priced hotel near the train station and central to the city. the main reason for this stop is stan’s strange desire to go to dachau. in contrast we’ll take in ludwig’s fantasy castles neuschwanstein and hohenschwangau and of course some of munich’s fine beer, schnitzel and sights.

the hills are alive….in salzburg austria
two days following in the steps of mozart and maria…er julie (andrews) the hotel looks posh and bears the name of the great composer.

the long journey, a night train from salzburg to innsbruck where we change trains for the night train and a sleeper cabin to rome. we won’t see much of the alps or the bremer pass, but will get a good look on the way home. total train time about 12 hours.

time to splurge…a little. we’ve booked a nice hotel near the the tiber and a 15 minute walk from the vatican. have a look at our map of rome to see the sights we’d like to see.

several times i’ve been told that it is crazy in rome and italy in general. is it true? we have a(very long) one day escape planned to paestum and pompei leaving at 6:30 am and back home about 10 p.m. I can’t wait to see paestum as it is considered to have some of the best preserved greek ruins anywhere in the mediterranean.

on to florence
we only have a day here and i have a full list of things to see. poor rick, unless he opts for some down time at a gelato shop, will be bagged by the time we trek through the town as i want to see it all.

the canals of venice. we’ll spend three days here taking in the sights. we’ve chosen a quaint hotel in the dorsoduro district which will offer us some quiet away from the madding crowds (or so we hope)

writing this is already causing me some angst, i don’t want it to end, but this is the beginning of the homeward leg. the train from venice to lugano switzerland via milan takes up most of the day. we arrive in lugano in the early evening and is really just a rest stop on the way back to paris. we should be able to get a walk about in the town, which is beside the lake. our hotel is near the funicular which carries us back up to the train station, no climbing stairs on this one!

our last train segment. i’ve tried to arrange it so we see as much of switzerland as we can during the day. from lugano we head north to zofingen, then west to lausanne with one last transfer and onward to paris on the tgv.

a last night in paris. if we can, we’ll go to a restaurant we like in the marais and recall some memories from our previous visit and the latest adventure.

we fly home the next morning and should be in vancouver about 2 in the afternoon, 11 hours of travel and too many miles to count.


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